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Welcome. How brave and courageous to explore newness for yourself. My name is Charis Santiago and I am a 2nd generation Filipina-Canadian therapist who provides relational analytic counselling services in Victoria, BC and telehealth. I am passionate about working with you surrounding a wide range of mental health issues. My specialties include working with issues of trauma and sexual abuse, racial/ethnic and identity development, issues with family, play therapy, addiction and mood disorders.

My primary therapeutic approach is relational psychodynamic. This means that the therapeutic relationship that we form between us will serve as our guiding force.

Each of us knows the intimate experience of grief and pain throughout moments in our lives and often, these occur in the context of relationships. I firmly believe that healing is also a relational process and what I hope to offer are new ways of learning that can offer freedom and support to the quality of life and relationships you choose for yourself.

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