Marisa Covantes

Marisa Covantes


Marisa was born and raised in Mexico City. She studied Veterinary Medicine at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. After graduation she spent 15 years as a veterinarian, working in Mexico, Nicaragua, New Zealand and Australia.

Before attending university, Marisa worked as a volunteer, teaching literacy to adults living in small, poor, rural Mexican villages. She discovered that many of the elders in these villages used herbs and traditional remedies for addressing health issues, in an environment which often lacked access to conventional mainstream medicine. It was apparent that these traditional methods were very effective in the healing process. Marisa became interested in human health issues, and holistic ways of healing as well.

After working at an acupuncture clinic in Mexico City, she became interested in Chinese Medicine. While still at university she attended a 2-week workshop on veterinary acupuncture. She decided to come to Canada in 2008 and study Traditional Chinese Medicine. She graduated in 2014 from her diploma in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, from Pacific Rim College.

Marisa finds Traditional Chinese Medicine as one of the most complete methods of healing. It combines acupuncture, massage, herbs, cupping, gua sha (skin scrapping), food therapy and lifestyle advice.

On May 2019, Marisa became a Certified Qi Beauty Practitioner. A technique for face and neck lifting through the use of micro-magnets to bring vitality and nourishment to the skin and subcutaneous tissues reducing aging marks.

Marisa also combines acupuncture and Qi beauty treatments to treat some disorders like bell’s palsy and trigeminal neuralgia.

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