Ali Kay

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Ali Kay

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Ali comes to our team with a passion about skincare . In working with the largest organ in the body, she is able to bring vitality and health to the whole, mind, body and spirit. With a 10 year background in  holistic skin care/esthetics, personal training and  nutrition, she brings a wealth of experience into her facial and foot reflexology treatments. She addresses problems by focusing on root issues as well as symptomatic relief to address  health on multiple levels. 
Ali was drawn to reflexology in her twenties and remains fascinated by the human body: how it functions, regenerates and how the microcosm of one part can affect the whole. The modality of reflexology is able to access all the systems of the body. She has found it especially effective for the lymphatic and immune systems; how ridding our bodies of stale energy and toxins can nourish our entire being to feel more relaxed, rejuvenated and restored. 

Ali is in love with nature, science, astrology.  She enjoys rhythm and uses  food as medicine.In her free time, she can be found  within nature; dipping into the ocean, hiking through forests, cooking delicious meals, making natural products for a sound mind-body-soul and home.

Born and raised in Toronto, now calls Victoria home.