Maggie Yip

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Maggie Yip


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Chinese Medicine came as a surprise to Maggie through her curiosity and research about her own health. After studying Chinese history, art and design, Maggie found Chinese Medicine to be the perfect synthesis of Taoist wisdom and direct practical application that nourishes her love of Chinese metaphysics and the innate drive to use touch as a form of communication with people. Along the way it became clear that Chinese Medicine was not only a study but her vocation.

Having graduated from the ITCM of Victoria in 2000, Maggie spent time at the Second University Hospital in Tianjin, China. She has taught at ITCM of Victoria, The Canadian College of Oriental Medicine, Pacific Rim College, and continuing education course through the University of Victoria. Presently, she focuses on her 15 year old practice and co-directing Copper Mountain Centre with her husband, Bryan. She has also seen patients for the last 13 years at a satellite clinic.

It is a joy and compulsion to keep honing her skills. Maggie is indebted to her teachers past and present to uphold the traditions rooted in classical Chinese Medicine. Her many influences include: Jeffrey Yuen, Kiiku Matsumoto, David Euler, Ari Magidoff, Thea Elijah, Leon Hammer and Brandt Stickley to name a few.

Maggie’s style is distinguished by strong palpation, Tui Na, and working both sides of the body. Dialogue and questions about the process are welcomed; essential oils over acupuncture points and for inhalation are incorporated to facilitate healing.

She has a keen ability to diagnosis and makes an immediate connection with patients and is dedicated to guiding them through the transformation to health and harmony.

She takes her own advice to enter the slow lane every now and again; with the Mom hat on, she is beguiled by her children, seduced by the garden, and striving to become a drummer - beating to her own rhythm.

I have been gratefully seeing Maggie for the last two years. Maggie came highly recommended to me and I now happily recommend her to others!
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~ Isabel Cordua-von Specht