Mar French

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Mar French

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Mar was born and raised in Kelowna B.C where she had completed high school graduation before moving to Mission B.C to be close to family. Eventually her path led her to Victoria in 2017 where the knowledge of integrated health and spiritual wellness continue to fulfill her time.

Mar attended auric and chakra reading programs between 2010-2013 and became acquainted with healing touch therapy throughout the years prior to gaining certification for reiki in 2018 and recertification in 2021. Interest in Astrology and Tarot began in 2011 and continues to be an independent and integrated tool offered in Mar’s approach to individual understanding.

Subtle energetic and physical bodies have always peaked interest. Remaining involved in advanced biology throughout high school and continued into post-secondary, leading her into deeper scopes of medicine including; Homeopathy, Bioenergetics, Chemistry, Chinese medicine, as well as nutrition.  

Mar’s approach to holding inclusive healing space is aimed towards releasing mental/emotional/physical blockages, clearing chakra channels/auric fields, strengthening mind/body/soul connection, and welcoming a positive outlook in life’s process.