Shoshana Scott

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Shoshana Scott


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Dr Shoshana Scott has a four year Degree in Homeopathic Medicine with an internship at Father Mueller’s Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital in Mangalore India.

As one of the newest members of the Copper Mountain Family, myself and my Havenese dog Lucy (part time office greeter at Copper Mountain) are enjoying the positive artful energy of the centre and its clients.

In 1994 I began working for a Homeopathic doctor, Dr Leelamma Nielsen, in Winnipeg Manitoba after she treated my health problems with remarkable results. As a Science student at the University I was curious about this different Science and the fantastic results it produced.

In that busy clinic I watched Homeopathic medicines treating many problems which the regular medical system couldn’t address. I was amazed to see these gentle remedies working effectively, yet completely without side effects.People’s overall immune system and general sense of well being improved. I soon discovered Homeopathy is integrated into the health care system of many countries including Switzerland, Germany and France. I was mystified as to why everyone in Canada didn’t use or at least know Homeopathy was an option.

This lead me on a long happy journey including a four year full time medical program and an internship at the renowned Father Mueller’s Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital in Mangalore, India. There I studied all the allied medical sciences and how Homeopathy is used successfully for a wide range of medical problems from those seen in general medical practice. My practice has been enlarged to include Nutritional to soothe and share my passion for cooking good food.

I enjoying teaching the Art and Science of Homeopathy in many settings including the ten years at Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Manitoba to appearing on Breakfast Television in Winnipeg about flu prevention, to the University of Victoria last year and now my favourite, Pacific Rim College.

Among my other sources of happiness are my husband Sandy, my dog Lucy, our wooden sailboat the Western Grebe my sometimes overwhelming gardens and just lately, rescued horses on Pender Island, Panache and Starbuck.

To learn more about my practice or Homeopathy please refer to my website and blog at You can also reach me at 250 381 8104.