Rest, Retreat, Restore

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Winter is the season where all living things start to slow down. The seasonal energy of Winter Solstice gives us the opportunity to embody the gifts of increased silence and darkness to build our reserves. Nature does it, so why not go with Nature. The more we go with Nature’s energetics ebb and flow of now dominant Yin energy and conserve our energy, the more we can stay healthy in mind, body and spirit for this holiday season and coming months.

It happens to also be the time of holidays when friends and family come together, gifts are exchanged and loved one’s recover from “over indulgent meals”.

As wonderful as holidays can be, it often comes with its fair share of stress and anxiety. Whether its rushing around to pick up last minute gifts or scrambling to prepare for festive gatherings. Add in the personal and social expectation to exude cheeriness, it’s easy to see how some of us crumble under the stress of the holiday season. For many it’s a time of sadness, self – isolation, loneliness and anxiety, making a stressful time even more exhausting.

This stress, anxiety and depression can lead to disruption in the flow of upright energy of the body. These imbalances disrupt our bodies systems, causing symptoms such as muscle pain, fatigue, headaches and sleep disturbance.
Chinese Medicine with acupuncture and herbs can serve to correct these imbalances, and nurture and replenish our reserves. Winter’s natural energy is that of slowing down and going within. Maintaining a routine of health and wellness at this time of year is key to managing our stress and mental health.

So, stay warm, snuggle up near a warm fire, indulge in moderation and find the wisdom of alternating activity and rest.

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