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Gua Sha

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Gua Sha is loosely translated to “sand scrapping". This technique is a lesser known modality in Chinese medicine and has been used for centuries in Asia. It can be used as part of acupuncture therapy or on its own. A flat edged tool or spoon is rubbed or scraped repeatedly over a lubricated area on the body surface. Long, sweeping unidirectional strokes are employed, generally downward to bring up “Sha”. The intention is to break up stagnation. “Sha” is defined as the red blotches or patches that occur from rubbing the tool over the affected area. The micro-capillaries under the skin are broken from the pressure creating a temporary peticchaie . This “Sha” is a positive sign for promoting blood circulation, removing stasis, alleviating swelling and pain.

This technique treats pain, impaired movement, is used for the prevention and treatment of acute infectious illness, digestive and respiratory problems and chronic disorders.

Gua Sha can radically increase microperfusion at the body’s surface that stimulates immune and anti – inflammatory responses. These effects can last for days after treatment.

Conditions responsive to Gua Sha include headache, neck, shoulder, back and knee pain, as well as acute illness such as fever, flu, earache, asthma and bronchitis in children and adults.