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Registered Counseling

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The heartbeat of counselling is to offer a space where you have the freedom and safety to grow closer to yourself. Within the relationship between clinician and patient, there is an invitation to gain greater understanding of your own personhood, your voice, patterns and behaviours, and find healing for emotional wounds causing turmoil or pain. Counselling can support you in improving communication and coping skills, strengthen self-esteem, and promote behavioural changes towards optimal mental health.


Key benefits of counselling:

- Safe space to be seen and heard; having your identity and emotions held with kindness.

- The opportunity for movement in places where you have felt “stuck.” 

- Counselling can help you explore different perspectives on problems and issues.

- Increase healthy forms of communication in order to improve and maintain relationships.

- Grow capacity for self-compassion, motivation, and live into the fullness of your being.

- Counselling can invite new ways to perceive yourself and others.


Charis can be contacted for booking sessions and her services are covered by many extended health benefit plans.

Charis Santiago, MA, RCC (she/her)

Ocean and Stone Counselling