Anat Baniel Method Neuromovement®

The Anat Baniel Method Neuromovement® is based on the science of neuroplasticity. Your brain can change and ABM uses movement as the language of communication. Gentle, hands-on movements are used to expand your habitual ways of moving, thinking, and feeling. ABM helps you to move away from the mindset of fixing and shift to a focus on connecting and growing the capacities you already have.

The Anat Baniel Method® of Neuromovement® is a holistic approach to learning sought after to address neurological, genetic, and developmental issues, pain, learning difficulties, improve performance outcomes, encourage emotional variation and artistic range, speed recovery after injury and improve activities of daily living.

By first connecting mind and body through a sensory exploration using touch and gentle movements, a person is able to form the foundation for change, awareness. By learning how to change one’s movement habits, the brain rewires neural pathways to organize new movements. Learning and brain development is non linear and thus ABM Neuromovement® is focused on improvement, not on fixing problems. By improving what we are already doing well, we tap into the learning capacity of the brain. The brain expands and new neural pathways are created, this is the beauty of neuroplasticity. Using the vast variety of ABM of Neuromovement® lessons the brain is encouraged to essentially create an endless repertoire of information to pull from for any given task. By learning in this safe and natural process people are able to integrate these changes into life, building confidence in mind and body.

People have a tendency to focus on the problem, be it the pain, the injury, the learning deficit, or the developmental milestone that has not been achieved. In ABM of Neuromovement® these seemingly localized issues are not addressed directly. Instead a person is treated as a whole entity with careful consideration of the entire organization. The root cause is often far from the issue that is presented. A pain in a foot may be more related to a lack of rotation in the upper spine, the limitation may be in the organization of that movement rather than the actual parts themselves. A speech problem is often more about the brain organizing the movement of the mouth. An older adult who is prone to fractures from falls could improve not from strengthening the muscles, but again by expanding the neural mapping of these movements.


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