Facial Reflexology

Dien Chan facial reflexology is a form of healing therapy that uses gentle pressure on specific points of your face to stimulate energy channels within the body. Facial reflexology can be used to treat anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, inflammation and stress. It helps to aid the body’s natural rhythm, to find balance. Dien Chan can also be performed as a beauty treatment to reduce wrinkles, blemishes, acne, cellulite, scars, and to help improve the skins natural tone, texture, and brightness.

Facial reflexology is a cybernetic therapy (connecting directly to your nervous system), using gentle pressure with your fingertips or customized multi-reflexology tools on specific points (zones) on your face.

The gentle touch on your face sends signals to your brain, which sends a message to the corresponding gland, reflex or organ, to ultimately bring the body into a relaxed state. Circulation increases and the body functions at its optimal state — the by-product is beauty.


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