Kinesiologists are human movement specialists. In BC, all practicing Kinesiologists are University graduates with Human Kinetics degrees.

A Kinesiologists job is to improve your quality of life and movement performance via movement and lifestyle analysis and exercise prescription.

A Kinesiologist considers physiology, biomechanics, anatomy, psychology, and nutrition when addressing your injuries or concerns. A Kinesiologist may offer manual or non-manual treatments to support you in your goals.

A Kinesiologist’s scope of practice is all-encompassing covering the following areas:

-Health promotion
-Injury assessment and rehab
-Exercise therapy
-Disability management
-Mental health support via health and fitness
-Third age support

Each session will be individually tailored to you based on what we discover in your initial appointment.

Here at Copper Mountain we do not have a traditional fitness facility and therefore our Kinesiologist focuses on health and lifestyle coaching, ergonomic assessments, movement analysis, manual treatments, and foundational body weight exercise prescription.

Our Kinesiologist has significant training in pre and postpartum fitness, pelvic floor training, hypopressives, pilates, and neuroplastic modalities.

If you are looking for help in creating an attainable exercise program, to overcome a persistent injury, or to recover (or prepare) for childbirth, contact us today.


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