Energetic medicine developed in China over thousands of years, and is based on the understanding of wholeness in all existence. The earliest Taoists believed that there is no separation between our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves; thus by exercising the body and its energy system, all aspects of the self are benefited.

In our modern daily-ness, it’s easy to lose track of our innate sense of energy, health and happiness. Dao Yin, a Tai-Chi like version of Qigong (Qi = energy, gong=work), intertwines breath, physical movement and intention, encouraging a return to inner vitality and harmony by drawing on environmental (Earthly) Qi and universal (Heavenly) Qi.

Physically, Qigong has been found to:

– Switch the nervous system from fight/flight to rest/digest

– Enhance blood and lymph circulation

– Reduce blood pressure and improve digestion

Dao Yin – Qigong and Tai Chi Forms

Pal Dan Gum – “Eight Silken Movements” Improves posture and general health; stretches and helps move the Qi along all 12 Organ Meridians. Standing exercises that can be done anywhere.

Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong – “A Return to Oneness” When the heart is open, the Qi can flow. In a regular practice, this form promotes a sense of equanimity and confidence that no matter what happens in life, you remain balanced and peaceful within.

Standing and Yang Tai Chi – Relaxation in proper structure, with a flowing form that promotes strength, coordination and balance.

Classes – Dao Yin forms are best learned in friendly, relaxed and repeated practice.

Qigong Bodywork – In Qigong bodywork, the practitioner uses universal Qi, intention and specific techniques to encourage your Qi to return to more balanced flows. In a session, you remain fully clothed, lying down on a massage table. The practitioner may use light touch, sound or colour visualizations to help get Qi moving. Sessions are deeply relaxing. You may be given exercises to do at home to continue the healing process.


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