Concerned about my health, a close friend recommended that I see Maggie Yip...

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Concerned about my health, a close friend recommended that I see Maggie Yip to assist the identification of my healing needs. He experienced Maggie as an outstanding diagnostician of health. Although hesitant, I valued his opinion in so many areas of my life; I decided to risk this one. My first ten minutes in Maggie’s compassionate, medically informed presence, made his experience my own. Maggie listens to my current health assessment. She competently, compassionately, employs whatever relevant treatment is indicated in response to our conversation. While applying various healing procedures, Maggie acknowledges my interest in the enduring wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. She recalls nature images associated with righting the imbalances that impede my flow of life energy. My latter years have been filled with traumatic change in every aspect of my relational life. After treatment, I feel refreshed energy flow. Her images become integral to my meditation practice. Maggie honours the wholeness of my person that her attentiveness has come to know well. No disorder in the relational complexities of my magnificently designed body systems escapes her attention. The medical profession is enhanced by Maggie Yip’s practice. I am steadfastly grateful.

Sister Patricia Shreenan