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Over 20 years of clinical practice based on authentic classical systems of healing. Patient centered, warm, inclusive, and deep connective care. We aim to support and cultivate ecological, holistic, and restorative healthcare for a sustainable future.


I was referred to Maggie Yip at Copper Mountain in Nov. 2011, following two bouts of pneumonia within a three-month period. I was immediately impressed by her whole body approach and her commitment to attend to the underlying story beneath my health concerns. While I had been satisfied with the physical care I received from my doctor, I knew I needed to address the life-long chronic condition of my lungs at the deepest level. The encounter with Chinese Medicine over the next three years has utterly changed my life. My physical health has been restored and I have more emotional resilience and spiritual awareness than ever before. I cannot imagine a safer, more compassionate and intuitive practitioner. As an elder in the health field myself, I can only express awe and gratitude for her wisdom and care. Anyone who wishes to reconcile belief systems, life patterns and optimal health will be well served by Maggie Yip’s practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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