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Chinese herbs have a long and fascinating history; today they are valued scientifically.

Studies reveal that these plant and mineral materials contain active components that explain their efficacy. Some modern drugs are developed from Chinese herbs. Recently You You Tu, won the Noble Peace Prize for Medicine (2015) by turning to traditional Chinese herbal formulas. The use of Qing hao (wormwood – Herba Atemisiae) was isolated to form the main component of medicine for treating malaria. Tens of millions of lives are affected globally by malaria. In Africa alone, this will save 100,000 people annually.

More than 300 commonly used herbs today have a 2,000 year old history. Chinese herbal medicine can increase the effectiveness of drug therapy, reduce side effects and sometimes replace them completely. One of the unique qualities of Chinese herbs is that they are rarely prescribed singularly as in Western herbal traditions. Herbs are combined into formulas and work synergistically as a team. There is a chief herb or (herbs) that address the root problem, deputy herbs assist the chief or address secondary issues, minister herbs harmonize the effects and envoy herbs will direct the formula to specific areas. Just as the root systems of trees and plants are intertwined and communicate within an ecosystem, the herbs in a given formula mutual support and control one another. The same group of herbs given in different doses or different proportions can treat a variety of conditions.

Chinese herbs are processed differently to alter their effects dramatically. For example licorice root can be used raw which clears heat and detoxifies, mix-fried licorice supports digestive fire and harmonizes the stomach, char – frying licorice will diminish its detoxifying property and increase its antispasmodic quality. We compound to suit an individual’s condition, much like a lock and key. As the condition changes, the formula changes. This is not a cookie cutter system. Formulas are specific to an individual and these may be changed frequently over the course of treatment. Acute conditions may take 1 – 30 days; chronic issues may take 6 months to 1 year. In some situations herbs are taken daily or indefinitely; these are situations where conditions were untreated for long periods, when there is permanent damage or problems with aging.

We are committed to the use of high quality, pure granular herbs from Evergreen Herbs and Bema Botanicals.

Our herbs are:

  1. identified and authenticated to the correct species
  2. clinically effective through pharmaceutical production
  3. safe and reliable through comprehensive, analytical testing
  4. stocked to address a complete and wide array of aliments
  5. do not include endangered animals nor protected herb species from the wild.

In addition to herbal formulas to be taken internally, we also offer a variety of liniments, plasters, oils and salves. External application of herbs is effective for minor aches and pains to chronic conditions and many dermalogic and immune issues.


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