I was looking for a holistic approach for my overall wellbeing when I found Ali at Copper Mountain Centre. Immediately I knew I found what I had been seeking and I felt welcomed, safe and that I belonged in the beautiful space that Ali has created. She listens to what I need and then works her magic. I feel amazing after every treatment and Ali has provided me with relief from lower back pain that has plagued me for years. Ali is a talented practitioner and a beautiful human who loves what she does and it shows!

Tammy xo

I highly recommend Marisa! She is very kind with a lot of knowledge. I am so happy I found her. Thank you so much your treatments Marisa.

Diána Horváth

Fabulous clinic! Best massage therapist I've ever seen her name was Sydney Crawford, will go back!!!

Nicole Himes

Over the past six years, my acupuncture treatments at Copper Mountain Clinic have proven very beneficial to my well being. I leave my session with Bryan, never feeling rushed, and always well cared for. The new location is deluxe.

Scott Andison

I have had nothing but incredibly positive experiences at this clinic. The team is incredibly professional, friendly and good at what they do! The massages that I've received from Sydney are incredible and she is such a gem of an RMT. My body feels so much better afterwards, and I am often walking on a cloud when I leave her office! Brian offers an incredibly diverse range of experience with his acupuncture skills and practice. He is so good at what he does! I have also seen Whitney a few times and appreciated her mix of body awareness with acupuncture, she was also amazing! Even the front desk staff is incredibly friendly, helpful and personable. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about this clinic. I HIGHLY recommend!!

Tiff Mitchell

Ali is THE most helpful and caring health professional I have ever seen! She went above and beyond to help me with my pain, as well as educating me about things I could do at home to continue my healing journey, and checking in afterwards to see how I was feeling. I saw her for 3 treatments for plantar faschiitis in my left foot, and she definitely helped me feel better. Would recommend her to anyone needing a caring health professional!

Hallie Bryant

I first met Ali Kay at her previous clinic. I went for a reflexology treatment and for what I felt was a lack of circulation in my legs. Ali was awesome. She knew just where the pains stemmed from and how to relieve them. She introduced me to several techniques (tapping, face and ear massage). Ali is very knowledgeable and is genuinely interested in your body’s well-being. She even followed up with emails to see how I was doing. When Ali relocated to Copper Mountain, I followed her. I completely trust Ali with the well-being of my body.

Ariane Weathers

I originally came to see you because I was experiencing severe pain in my feet — I just took on a second job and I was on my feet a lot. But the pain was really holding me back/ affecting my energy so much. What I’ve come to learn/ know about you and reflexology is that it’s not just about feet. It’s about connecting to your body. There’s so many acupressure points in your feet that connect to your entire body. YOU Taught me that. Your services are very intuitive as well. I recall one session where we spent most of it clearing energy in my chakras. Following that session I had a creative burst of energy. I continue to learn so much from you and experience absolute inner peace from our sessions. And now discovering facial reflexology/ your facials WOAH next level. Your services are crucial in my journey to healing my body and maintain self care and self love!!

Jen H

I love this clinic, a healing, safe space, friendly reception. I go for Acupuncture and I have taken herbs that were prescribed. My practitioner has helped me so much!!! I am very grateful!!

Robin Clumpus

I have had a number of Reflexology treatments from Ali Kay and found them to be very helpful for my sore feet. She worked out areas were I felt discomfort. This is a good add on to acupuncture and Chinese medicine. It is subtle and you feel healthier.

Jerry Gerrard

Very gentle calming care.

Johanna Palmer

Excellent service, quality treatments.

Janet Veld

Thanks Marisa. After years of suffering from past injuries and joint stiffness I found your regular acupuncture treatments have provided me with considerable comfort and relief. Thank you also for your careful questioning and knowledge imparted during these sessions.

Harold A.

I have acupuncture treatments with Whitney Horstman, R. TCMP, and she is fantastic! She has many tools in her toolbox to help you with your physical ailments and consequently your emotional well being :) I went to many acupuncturists throughout North America and she is one of the best!

Elise M

I have had the best acupuncture experience at Copper Mountain. Very thorough, with a thoughtful explanation of treatment as I am being treated. I have found my acupuncture home.

David Murphy

I literally can feel Ali’s passion and sincerity for my well being through reflexology and skin care. I have had both foot and facial reflexology treatments from Ali and she has always ensured I understood a self care protocol to accompany the reflexology treatment she provided. She helped me to understand the importance of the techniques to support the lymphatic system and the correct way to apply natural products to help my skin at the same time. I love that foot reflexology accesses the entire body and how Ali pays close attention to my body reactions and often identifies a tender area before I verbalize anything. Ali truly cares for your well-being and I recommend her, you will feel a difference in your body, mind and soul. Thank you, Ali for all that you do!

Ripple Effect Dance

Working with Marisa was such a pleasure! She always made sure I felt comfortable and safe throughout the treatment process. Marisa provided acupuncture services for a few health issues I was facing. I very quickly felt the effects and found her care plan to be highly effective long term. It has been a number of months since and the symptoms are no longer impacting me. Marisa prepares the space so it is warm and inviting, playing my favorite relaxation music and allowing me to feel very well taken care of. I recommend her services to anyone looking into acupuncture. She is an expert at what she does and I am so grateful to have had her as my practitioner. Thank you, Marisa!

Ashley A.

I was referred to Maggie Yip at Copper Mountain in Nov. 2011, following two bouts of pneumonia within a three-month period. I was immediately impressed by her whole body approach and her commitment to attend to the underlying story beneath my health concerns. While I had been satisfied with the physical care I received from my doctor, I knew I needed to address the life-long chronic condition of my lungs at the deepest level. The encounter with Chinese Medicine over the next three years has utterly changed my life. My physical health has been restored and I have more emotional resilience and spiritual awareness than ever before. I cannot imagine a safer, more compassionate and intuitive practitioner. As an elder in the health field myself, I can only express awe and gratitude for her wisdom and care. Anyone who wishes to reconcile belief systems, life patterns and optimal health will be well served by Maggie Yip’s practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Judith Heron - Family Therapist

Melanie's treatments are uniquely magical. She has a thorough understanding of how the body is interconnected, and an intuition to successfully treat it as a whole. She takes the time to understand the client's goals, and can easily read what the body and its tissues need to reach these goals. If you are looking for a kind, intuitive, passionate RMT, whose treatments are not only affective, but calming and restorative, then I highly recommend Melanie Branton RMT.

Melanie Gallant

I've been seeing Ali now for several years, I'm on a maintenance plan for my body and soul. About every 5 to 6 weeks I come to Copper Mountain so Ali can perform her magic. She always has a welcoming smile and spirit, you feel like she is totally listening to you and responding with her wide range of knowledge. Overall the whole clinic has a very neat 'vibe', everything relating to spiritualism, eastern medicine, acupuncture, massage and Ali's reflexology all under one roof! I look forward to many more sessions with Ali.


Saw Whitney Horstman for an initial assessment and treatment for musculo-skeletal related issues. Got cupping, some massage and some acupuncture and let me tell you I left feeling completely blissed out and high on relaxation. Not only do i feel physically better, my mood is definitely lifted as well. Thanks Whitney!

Tavia Leduc

Melanie has been able to help me over the years with improved sleep and neck/shoulder mobility. She is caring and professional - she listens and targets the areas that need help. I highly recommend Melanie - whether it be for a problem area or just for relaxation.

Carolyn Urquhart

I was receiving TCM accupuncture treatment from Maggie Yip at Copper Mountain for my chemotherapy related peripheral neuropathy. We were discussing alternative treatments and Maggie suggested I try Reflexology with Ali Kay. What a fantastic experience and beautiful addition to my journey of healing. Ali was incredibly intuitive and connected to the issues I was having. I left her session with renewed optimism. Ali is now part of my recovery team and is deeply appreciated.

Alan B

I have received many messages from Melanie and the following experience instilled my confidence in massage as a therapeutic intervention and in Melanie’s ability to deliver it. I was 57 years old at the time and I began to have discomfort of my upper and lower right leg when standing. My leg became very weak to the point that I couldn’t bear weight. I couldn’t walk! I was afraid to go anywhere for fear of not being able to get back…even to my car! I was devastated! After 5-6 weekly intense massages and diligently following an exercise routine which Melanie provided, I was back to normal. I strongly recommend Melanie to assess your needs and deliver a massage treatment plan successfully. I’m confident you will not be disappointed!

Linda Mercer

Dearest Ali, Your soft yet confident personality and energies create space for healing and growth. Your drive to learn more about not only reflexology but also other therapeutic methods lets me trust you as a practitioner. You are always sensitive of how I am feeling, checking in to see if anything needs to be adjusted, which is unfortunately not so typical among specialised practitioners. Others frequently have egos and objectives for their patient's body, while you simply listen to what the body is ready for and what it desires at the time. You, too, utilise high-quality items in your therapies, which are frequently local and organic. You even have your own special blends that you use, which makes me feel like every aspect of your therapy has been thoughtfully crafted and carried out. I have found Reflexology as a therapy may be as soft or as robust and vigorous as the body requires. It is completely customizable and can be conducted on the hands, face, ears, or feet. It is non-invasive, and I have found it to be non-triggering for persons who have endured various physical/emotional traumas, such as myself. It was quite beneficial in my rehabilitation from my third concussion. I only wish I'd found you sooner!


Dear Ali, you are the magician! the reflex to the neck from under the big toy helped so much with my headaches..! Will see you soon again to work more on this are.


Sydney is a stellar RMT who has a knack for finding all the right spots, her personal training background gives her an edge when it comes to giving just the right exercises to help you take an active part in your healing journey and being in her presence just makes you feel good, ya know? 12/10 would recommend :)

Barbara Wilkinson

I have had back and shoulder problems for years, in my healing journey I went to all kinds of therapists and sought all kinds of treatments. Once I came to Copper Mountain and received treatments from Sydney I knew I would look no further! Sydney gives the right kind of treatment with a therapeutic milieu that leaves me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. If you are still reading this go book now, this lady is in high demand and that is because she is the best! Spots are filling up, the only sleeping you should be doing is on her massage table!

Nick Paetz

University of Victoria Continuing Studies offered a class in Chinese Medicine presented by Copper Mountain Clinic which I attended. Bryan Hardy and Maggie Yip impressed me with their depth of knowledge and people skills. Some time later I decided to consult the Clinic and from there started a series of treatments and continue to take treatment to enhance my overall health. Bryan does the treatments and I especially appreciate his collaborative approach. Whenever I have a question it is fully answered to my satisfaction. For anyone looking for an alternative to allopathic medicine I highly recommend Copper Mountain Clinic.

Patrick Brown

I have been gratefully seeing Maggie for the last two years. Maggie came highly recommended to me and I now happily recommend her to others! The first qualities I encountered in our earliest conversations and treatments were here genuine curiosity to know and understand me and all aspects of my health and well-being and a great integrity in how she addressed me as a patient. Maggie listens deeply, explores, asks questions, and brings a wealth of healing knowledge just in our conversations. In fact, her very demeanour is healing - she offers a quiet, confident, peaceful presence, and has always given generously of her time. She addresses each session's needs fully, patiently, unhurriedly. I initially saw her on a very regular schedule, and as things have improved for me, have had longer stretches between visits. With each visit, I can feel a 'shift' when I leave, a shift to greater quiet, peace, balance. She is eminently gifted as a healer, and a truly wonderful person. I am grateful that she is part of my 'healing team'!

Isabel Cordua-von Specht

Absolutely love the atmosphere and the staff, especially Sydney...best massage ever!

Jody Olsen

I had a wonderful Reflexology treatment with Alison Kay. It was my first visit to Copper Mountain Centre and it won't be my last. Thank you!

Aleya Abdulla

Sydney is professional, kind, and knowledgeable. She has done a number of treatments on me and I am confident in saying she is one of the best massage therapists I have worked with. I can't recommend her enough!

Keegan Hucul

I have come to see you because I love your holistic approach to healing through reflexology. Your intuitive touch helped me tremendously with my neck and shoulder pain quite recently. I highly recommend your services and will continue to reserve you as one of my go to’s for keeping healthy and vibrant. You are welcome to use the above as a testimonial.


I was referred to Sydney for a massage and I couldn't of been happier with my experience. Her attention to detail and how thorough she was made for one of the best massages I have ever had. 10/10 recommended and will be seeing her again next time I'm in BC

Trevor Gullivan

I attended a seminar on reflexology given by Ali Kay which was very helpful for learning how to decrease stress. Thank you.

Jackie Ray

When I was on the search for a massage therapist Sydney came highly recommended by a good friend. I have been going to see Syd for over a year now and whether you’re looking for relaxation or deep tissue treatment I would highly recommend booking a massage with her!!

Tamara Hibbard

Soooo good. I highly recommend Ali, she truly cares about people and is amazing, kind and most importantly skilled and knowledgeable with her practice. The reflexology session was phenomenal.

Monica Lopez

I have had the pleasure of receiving absolutely mind-melting, total body-bliss, relaxing reflexology sessions from Ali. I highly, highly recommend receiving one of her treatments for mind-body-soul renewal!

Kali Moon

I had an exceptional treatment with Ali kay. I was welcome with smile and kindness at the center. It felt incredibly relaxing and safe to be there. The room was beautiful, clean and filled with good energy. Ali made me feel comfortable and relaxed right away. She was very attentive to my needs and expectations at the consultation and adapted her treatments and techniques of reflexology just for me. I left blissful and serene. I would recommend her to anyone. She is such a beautiful gifted soul.

Julie Bergeron

I have been a client/patient with Maggie Yip for a number of years. Why? Maggie is exceptionally competent, kind and dedicated to the practice of TCM acupuncture. If you have complex medical issues she works in a collaborative way with mainstream western medicine and often suggests good questions to ask with other care providers. I think the reason I continue to refer friends and family to her is because she works in respectful partnership with each of her clients. You are a whole person to her not just a gathering of symptoms. That is invaluable. From nagging aches and pains to more serious issues, Maggie will research and persist until you are better.

Barb Whittington

Copper Mountain was recommended by a friend and now I owe her big time. My new go to massage therapist Sydney is the bomb. She’s personable, professional and very knowledgeable in all things massage. I went in thinking my problem area was in one place only to learn that no, it’s actually over here you just feel it over there. So much relief from that initial visit that I now book regular sessions with Sydney. Go get one. You’ll see what I mean.

Wendy Dagg

Wow. I came in a frazzled, tangled mess. I left feeling grounded, supported, a slow-motion-she-wolf of a melted marshmallow. Ali Kay was responsive, supportive and attentive. She untangled me, and gifted me with her time and energy. A true healing experience, I'm counting the days until my next reflexology session. Copper Mountain is a serene place to lose your mind for an hour while within the bustle of the city and life. Highly recommend.

Jennifer Hines

Concerned about my health, a close friend recommended that I see Maggie Yip to assist the identification of my healing needs. He experienced Maggie as an outstanding diagnostician of health. Although hesitant, I valued his opinion in so many areas of my life; I decided to risk this one. My first ten minutes in Maggie’s compassionate, medically informed presence, made his experience my own. Maggie listens to my current health assessment. She competently, compassionately, employs whatever relevant treatment is indicated in response to our conversation. While applying various healing procedures, Maggie acknowledges my interest in the enduring wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. She recalls nature images associated with righting the imbalances that impede my flow of life energy. My latter years have been filled with traumatic change in every aspect of my relational life. After treatment, I feel refreshed energy flow. Her images become integral to my meditation practice. Maggie honours the wholeness of my person that her attentiveness has come to know well. No disorder in the relational complexities of my magnificently designed body systems escapes her attention. The medical profession is enhanced by Maggie Yip’s practice. I am steadfastly grateful.

Sister Patricia Shreenan

This is the best Chinese Medicine experience I have ever had. These people are healers!

Frank Quinby

I have received 3 different holistic treatments from Ali and each one was professional and very therapeutic. Her facials are a real treat, so relaxing and the products she uses are organic and wholesome. I will be a forever client!

Cathy Laundy

I'm a big fan of Sydney Crawford's Registered massage therapy at this clinic. The staff and surroundings are great. Highly recommended.

Ross Dunn

I am so grateful to have met Ali! Her treatments are truly profound and intuitive. I have experienced both facial reflexology and reflexology and must say Ali is the best reflexologist that’s I’ve ever known. She has a true passion for what she does and I always feel rejuvenated and balanced! Thank you Ali!

Jeanine Nahas

I come to see you, as I find you have a very calming presence and energy, and regardless of what has been happening in my work and personal life, I instantly feel calm and soothed by your touch and presence. I always leave each session with a renewed sense of balance and peace inside, and find reflexology is a modality that balances with my other chosen monthly sessions of massage and acupuncture.


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