Over the past six years, my acupuncture treatments at Copper Mountain Clinic have proven very beneficial to my well being. I leave my session with Bryan, never feeling rushed, and always well cared for. The new location is deluxe.

Scott Andison

I was referred to Maggie Yip at Copper Mountain in Nov. 2011, following two bouts of pneumonia within a three-month period. I was immediately impressed by her whole body approach and her commitment to attend to the underlying story beneath my health concerns. While I had been satisfied with the physical care I received from my doctor, I knew I needed to address the life-long chronic condition of my lungs at the deepest level. The encounter with Chinese Medicine over the next three years has utterly changed my life. My physical health has been restored and I have more emotional resilience and spiritual awareness than ever before. I cannot imagine a safer, more compassionate and intuitive practitioner. As an elder in the health field myself, I can only express awe and gratitude for her wisdom and care. Anyone who wishes to reconcile belief systems, life patterns and optimal health will be well served by Maggie Yip’s practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Judith Heron - Family Therapist

I have been gratefully seeing Maggie for the last two years. Maggie came highly recommended to me and I now happily recommend her to others! The first qualities I encountered in our earliest conversations and treatments were here genuine curiosity to know and understand me and all aspects of my health and well-being and a great integrity in how she addressed me as a patient. Maggie listens deeply, explores, asks questions, and brings a wealth of healing knowledge just in our conversations. In fact, her very demeanour is healing - she offers a quiet, confident, peaceful presence, and has always given generously of her time. She addresses each session's needs fully, patiently, unhurriedly. I initially saw her on a very regular schedule, and as things have improved for me, have had longer stretches between visits. With each visit, I can feel a 'shift' when I leave, a shift to greater quiet, peace, balance. She is eminently gifted as a healer, and a truly wonderful person. I am grateful that she is part of my 'healing team'!

Isabel Cordua-von Specht

I have been a client/patient with Maggie Yip for a number of years. Why? Maggie is exceptionally competent, kind and dedicated to the practice of TCM acupuncture. If you have complex medical issues she works in a collaborative way with mainstream western medicine and often suggests good questions to ask with other care providers. I think the reason I continue to refer friends and family to her is because she works in respectful partnership with each of her clients. You are a whole person to her not just a gathering of symptoms. That is invaluable. From nagging aches and pains to more serious issues, Maggie will research and persist until you are better.

Barb Whittington

Concerned about my health, a close friend recommended that I see Maggie Yip to assist the identification of my healing needs. He experienced Maggie as an outstanding diagnostician of health. Although hesitant, I valued his opinion in so many areas of my life; I decided to risk this one. My first ten minutes in Maggie’s compassionate, medically informed presence, made his experience my own. Maggie listens to my current health assessment. She competently, compassionately, employs whatever relevant treatment is indicated in response to our conversation. While applying various healing procedures, Maggie acknowledges my interest in the enduring wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. She recalls nature images associated with righting the imbalances that impede my flow of life energy. My latter years have been filled with traumatic change in every aspect of my relational life. After treatment, I feel refreshed energy flow. Her images become integral to my meditation practice. Maggie honours the wholeness of my person that her attentiveness has come to know well. No disorder in the relational complexities of my magnificently designed body systems escapes her attention. The medical profession is enhanced by Maggie Yip’s practice. I am steadfastly grateful.

Sister Patricia Shreenan

University of Victoria Continuing Studies offered a class in Chinese Medicine presented by Copper Mountain Clinic which I attended. Bryan Hardy and Maggie Yip impressed me with their depth of knowledge and people skills. Some time later I decided to consult the Clinic and from there started a series of treatments and continue to take treatment to enhance my overall health. Bryan does the treatments and I especially appreciate his collaborative approach. Whenever I have a question it is fully answered to my satisfaction. For anyone looking for an alternative to allopathic medicine I highly recommend Copper Mountain Clinic.

Patrick Brown

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