March into Spring

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In our current terms of climate change and dealing with “post truth“ in the news, all we can really verify is what we experience in nature.

The New York Times article “Springing Too Far Ahead ” by David George Haskell looks at how climate change is altering the way the seasons unfold.…

The Spring season we experienced in our youth may well be very different from the spring season our children experience in the years to come.

With the passing of Chinese New Year and recent Spring Equinox, there have been some valuable suggestions for approaching the Fire Rooster Year in general and how we can navigate and properly orient for the movement and constructive change of Spring.

Lillian Bridges renowned Daoist expert in Chinese Face diagnosis has some useful insights for getting the best out of the Fire Rooster year.

Since chicken’s flock together, it’s a very good year for demonstrations and socializing. This is a year of power in groups. There is a more access to warm hearted friendliness with laughter and silliness. Gatherings of family and likeminded people is enhanced.

Interestingly it’s also a year where falsehoods are exposed, and the Roosters fire shines a light on important truths. Taking this to heart we can use introspection, and contemplation to clear away things in our life that aren’t working or serving. By looking inward with open eyes and mind we tap into creativity and renewal for our personal and collective wellbeing.

Spring is all about clearing away and moving stagnation and renewing, reinvigorating. The dance and alternation of what can be cleared and recycled with what can be creatively expanded.

The clearing and recycling comes in the reflection of the Spring cleansing winds that pick up remaining dregs and collected debris of Winter to blow it away. We can align with this movement by clearing away habits, beliefs, attitudes that no longer foster growth and healthy change. Open windows, get rid of clutter, make room for new energies to enter your life. Make sure the energy of your home supports you.

The expansion and creative growth is reflected through the fluctuation of cool nights and steadily warming days influencing the sinking and rising if sap in trees. Can we tap into this movement and extend outwards towards new and constructive growth?

Spend some time clarifying your goals. And then, once your goals are clear, what are the action steps you need to get started?Exercise, yoga, movement can be a great start. Making shifts in food choices, increasing leafy greens, such as steamed kale, chard, mustard greens. Cutting back on sugar and starchy greasy food can be especially helpful. Possibly try a gentle Spring cleanse to detox and kick start the seasonal transition. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can be excellent ways to help clear away stagnation and expand into the Season with ease.

Rest, Retreat, Restore

Winter is the season where all living things start to slow down. The seasonal energy of Winter Solstice gives us the opportunity to embody the

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